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Our range of blackout curtains have been carefully designed to to block out the light from your bedroom while looking fantastic. Whether you’re looking for pencil pleat or eyelet curtains, we guarantee that your room will look fantastic and stay dark. If you’ve already got a pair of curtains you love, our curtain lining will help you transform them into a pair of stunning blackout curtains in next to no time.


Blackout curtains look just like a regular set of curtains, but they’ve been lined with a special blackout fabric that works to completely block light from entering the room. This makes them a great fit for people who have difficulty sleeping because of street lights, shift workers who are trying to sleep during the day, or to help darken children’s bedrooms during the summer months.

The simple answer is yes – blackout curtains do really work! Our innovative 100% and 95% blackout fabrics block out external light sources and help to create total darkness in any room.

Blackout curtains don’t just help to keep your room dark. They also improve thermal insulation, which helps to keep your room cool during the summer and warm during the winter, helping to create the optimum sleeping environment all year round.

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