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Our range of blackout blinds are designed with two things in mind – looking fantastic in your home and blocking out the light so you get a great night’s sleep. Available as both blackout roller blinds or as a travel blind, for when you need darkness when away from home, our blackout blinds are available in a variety of sizes and colours.


Measuring up for blackout blinds is easier than it sounds.  You’ll need a tape measure, a pen and some paper.  All you need is the width of the window and the drop; the measurement from the top of the window to where you want the blind to stop.  For a blackout blind to hang in the recess you need to measure from the wall to wall on the inside of the window.  Alternatively, if you want to hang on the outside of the window you measure from the two points you want the blind brackets to be either side of the window.

We supply all of our blackout blinds with the necessary fixing brackets and full fitting instructions.  You will most likely need a drill and a screwdriver, to attach the brackets to the wall.  Once done, the blind clicks into the brackets.  The last job is to attach the safety device to the wall.

Our blackout blinds are made from our innovative blackout fabric, which blocks out all of the light.  This makes it more comfortable for most people to get a good night’s sleep.  All of our blinds are roller blinds. which incorporates a single piece of fabric wrapped around a casing, which fits into either the top of your window frame, or outside of the window recess.

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